Start-up Consulting and Mentoring

Some survey statistics show that those start-ups that had a mentor performed almost 3x better, compared to those start-ups that did not have one! Start-up mentors are invaluable resource for a start-up, and can most often be the reason for your start-up’s existence.

Add Value helps to formulate Vision, Mission and Strategy to start-ups. We help start-ups for Registration, Business Strategy and Planning, Legal Business Formation, Business Structure Development and Vendor Selection as well as different Marketing & Sales Strategies to boost the revenues. With an extensive network of trusted contacts and consultants, we can take care of any or all of your operational aspects right from,

  • Incorporating your entity
  • Building your brand; web, mobile, and social presence
  • Help recruit the right talent
  • Infrastructure set up
  • Channel set up
  • Building your sales and marketing engine
  • Business feasibility analysis on specific cases
  • Project management
  • Advisory